Magical Disneyland experience ! ☺

It's already 21:50 in Cardiff, and baru habis tengok Goblin episode 6 !! That drama sooooo addicting; I have to distract myself by doing something else kalau tak mmg habis masa mengadap tu je πŸ˜†

Been to Paris early October haritu (kalau tak silap), literally went to Disneyland Paris and few attractions (tak masuk pun amik gambar je sbb kekangan masa)☹. Maybe, boleh datang lagi lepasni kot.

Idk why people selalu cakap Paris is their favourite city. Used to be mine last 10 years but not now ; let's give Paris a try lagi sekali nanti okay? (semoga jadi favourite city lepasni pls !) I'm still in love with Amsterdam tho πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I bet it's everyone dreams to be in Disneyland is it? (or it just me?) Everything was magical like so extremely intense magical ! you know, macam masuk dalam disney movie- toy story, mickey mouse, princessy movie and almost everything nampak real gila. (over betul description,najwaπŸ˜’) .

Let's get straight to the point about disneyland tho :

1) Tickets

  • Harga dia dalam 56£ mcmtu lah utk kategori tiket kitorang (1 days 2 parks) tp dia ada 3 kategori utk tikets tu (boleh rujuk website) but since kitorang sampai masa tu halloween, semua tiket tak valid and kena tambah duit utk purchase harga tiket lain which is dlm 17£ so basically we spend 73£ utk tix je.
2) Scenery and Buildings Architecture
  • Goddamn amazing this one boleh bagi A+++ ! (over lagiπŸ˜’). They have Sleeping Beauty Castle okay, Jasmine Caste pun, hmm Haunted Tower (ke apa ntah nama dia), Smthg ala ala Hollywood signboard, massive toy story land ! and many more.. semua pun real and magical !
3) Parks and Rides
  • Ada dua parks dalam ni which is Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Theme Park, dua dua pun ada banyak gilaa rides and ramai gila orang, so mcm kena pilih-pilih kah jugak nak naik rides apa. We managed to ride on a roller-coaster (Indiana Jones kot if I'm not mistaken), masuk rumah hantu, 5D Armageddon punya studio, and watched few live shows by Disney Characters :). ahhhh feels so good to be a child again.. (Growing up sucks tho) 
4) Shows and Souvenirs
  • Disney Magical Show yang paling last tu sper magical OMG! I might purchase another ticket just to watch the show again. They decorated the castle with Disney's characters movies and fireworks. Now, I know that "dreams do come true;)"!
  • The souvenirs is quite pricey though. A key chain cost 6€ but everything was super cute ! The plushies and snowglobe and Disney character's replicas are so cute and they available in many sizes as well but so mahal too :(
Disneyland at night

The castle with us :)

on firework !

 p/s : saya harap boleh sampai any disneyland lagi mungkin dgn family and org tersayang pulak lepasni?πŸ€”